How to Join or Renew Current Membership

How to Join

Central Texas Rifle & Pistol Club membership is open to the public but there are a limited number of memberships available. Membership applications are available at the gun range and will only be accepted in person at a New Membership Range Orientation Class.

Orientation Class is by appointment only.
Call an Orientation Officer to be placed on the waiting list.

All Club members must belong to either the National Rifle Association or the Texas State Rifle Association. Please bring proof of your NRA or TSRA membership to the required New Member Range Orientation Class. We can also sign you up and take payment for a new NRA membership during the New Member Orientation Class.

All new Club members are required to attend a Orientation Class before they can use the Club's gun range facilities. This Class takes approximately two hours which includes an overview of the Club's mission, educational programs, a brief description of its target match shooting programs, and a thorough review of the Club's Range Rule Book. A complete comprehension of the Range Rule Book is required of all members. The Class concludes with a required walking tour of the Club's outdoor target range facilities.

Gun range hours for members are 7am to sundown, seven days a week. Certain ranges are unavailable to general Club members during match times. Check the Club's Calendar for those times.

Please contact one of of the Orientation Officers for more information or to see if memberships are available: Jerry Smith at (254) 662-2937 or Dave Heister at (254) 829-1784.

Debit, Visa and MasterCard are accepted for membership payments during the New Member Orientation Class.

Membership Renewal

Current members can renew their membership by mail to the address below. The Club mails a reminder postcard about thirty days before membership is expired BUT for various reasons, sometimes the postcard does not get delivered. It is up to the member to keep track of their membership and to renew on time. Check your current membership card to see when your membership expires.

Send $70.00 dues payment along with renewal notice or a copy of your membership card and proof of current NRA or TSRA membership to the following address.

CTR&P Club
PO Box 20367
Waco TX, 76702-0367

If you would like to renew NRA along with your dues, please send $110.00 ($70 dues + $40 NRA) and indicate your NRA number for us. NRA memberships may also be renewed directly through the NRA's website using a credit card.

For questions about renewing your membership, send us an email.

Lapsed Memberships

Club members who allow their membership to lapse for 3 months or more will be required to pay the $25.00 set up fee and go through Orientation again.

Because Club membership is limited, a member that lapses 6 months or more may lose their "spot" in the membership roster.

Remember, renewing your dues on time will keep you shooting!

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